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food freedom in motherhood

Hi, I’m Mariah

Welcome! I’m Mariah. I’m a South Dakota wife and mom of two. I’m also a Registered Dietitian and I’m passionate about all things intuitive eating and non-dieting. I love talking about weight neutral practices and building body respect. I’m also doing my best to raise kids who know how to eat intuitively and love their bodies. It’s no small task!

“I no longer feel like my weight is the indictor of how healthy I am or of how I feel about myself. As a postpartum mama, it feels like our success is measured by how quickly we lose the baby weight.  My weight doesn’t make me a good mother and it definitely does not decide how I feel about myself.”

past client & mom of 2

“This whole process [positive body image and food freedom] has been easier in general. I am noticing a mind shift and overall, feel “lighter” as if I’m walking on clouds feeling versus trudging through the day.”

past client & mom of 4

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