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Monthly Learning Series

Join me each month for a virtual class on a variety of topics! Each session includes about 45 minutes of me teaching and 15 minutes of Q & A from participants. After the session, you’ll get the recording in your inbox and downloadable guides and handouts relevant to that month’s topic. Payment is non-refundable and if you cannot make it live you will get the recording in your inbox.

December’s topic is Body Image! Grab your spot below!

Body Image Workshop

I spend most of my days as a dietitian talking about food, no surprise. But, the topic that gets brought up almost as often? Body image.

The way that you speak to yourself about your body matters when it comes to your intentions in how you feed it.

Ever had a bad body image day where you thought, “I’ll just order the salad, maybe I should skip lunch, I look so huge today.”

The thing that makes it all the more confusing is that our culture is confused about what positive body image is. Positive body image is NOT about loving the way you look 24/7. That’s not realistic. I can tell you after working with dozens of women on this specific topic, people in ALL body sizes have bad body image.

So, what does it mean to have better body image? It means that you can relate to your body more kindly, more positive. It means that when you see a photo of yourself you don’t love, or you put on a pair of jeans from last year that are too tight, you can actually still process that and go about your day without spiraling or resorting to your next fad diet.

Sound impossible? I know. It might feel out of reach if your inner dialogue is a constant body-bashing game. But, there is hope.

Join me for a webinar where we’ll dive into the topic of body image and learn practical ways to be kind and more respectful toward your *here and now* body.

Cost for joining is $28.52.

Participants will learn:

  1. Why body image feels so difficult for most of us
  2. What’s the actual goal with positive body image
  3. What are ways to fight back against negative body image?
  4. Things to STOP doing if you want better body image
  5. Things to START doing if you want better body image

Participants will get:

  1. Exclusive access to a live 60 minute Zoom session. 45 minutes taught by me, 15 minutes of Q & A time reserved for participants.
  2. Downloadable PDF guide for body image work, complete with prompts and activities.
  3. Recording in your inbox in case you can’t join live or want to re-watch.